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The Mission of Maverick’s Physical Literacy curriculum is to


students to make a lifelong commitment to holistic well being.


  • incorporating movements that involve intelligence – for the body is designed to think & move at the same time. Complex movements that engages the mind as well as the body allows for greater participation, cognition & commitment to healthy choices.
  •  introducing music & rhythm to make sessions lively & interactive
  • using child friendly implements that enhance the experience
  •  involving and developing their multiple intelligences.


  • presenting scientific knowledge on physical literacy, fitness, nutrition, hygiene & cognitive value of movement; and
  • translating that knowledge into action by using techniques of embodied learning. Maverick is an integrated program that teaches children to feel, think and act synchronously.


  • creating a culture to be fit and healthy,
  • teaching them to make right choices,
  •  to motivate others and be inspired by peer groups,
  • become the catalyst for change to family, friends and society.

In all making every student a winner.

We are very happy to have initiated the Maverick Kids Programme in our school this academic session 2016-2017. The Kids participate in the programme enthusiastically and thoroughly enjoy themselves. We have received a positive feedback from the parents who have appreciated the programme and they feel the exercises keep them fit physically and mentally. Students are eagerly waiting to learn exercises through pre-recorded musical support. They are also happy to use their own login id and check their health progress regularly.

Mrs. Jeyalakshmi
Mrs. Jeyalakshmi
Principal, Devi Academy

The Maverick Fit kids programme has indeed been an eye opener for the students. Students have taken to it in full gusto and look forward to the class brimming with energy. Maverick has enabled them to focus on exercises and health issues with a different perspective. Maverick is so tailor made to benefit young minds to face the future with a positive outlook. The apps so designed are an ideal way to follow up, with parents and children getting equally involved, thus paving the way for quality family time which otherwise would have been difficult to achieve. The highlight of this program is its overall health benefit.

Mr.Sreenivasa Raghavan
Mr.Sreenivasa Raghavan
Principal, Bala Vidya Mandir

Maverick has made exercise a fun activity… Students look forward to the class… their overall fitness and energy levels have improved. The Maverick program works on the optimal well-being of the students by bringing a balance between the body, mind and soul. The program works not only on the fitness of the students, but also on their overall wellness. We are happy to state that the Maverick Fit Kids Program has influenced the thought process of the students and parents, who now realise the need for a fitness regimen to live a disease free and healthy life. The Maverick Fit Kids Program is very practical, relevant and motivating!!!

Mrs.Chitra Prasad
Mrs.Chitra Prasad
Correspondent, NSN Group of schools

Know more about the promoters…

Krishnaraj’s innate passion for health and sports, prompted him to diversify from his engineering background into the fitness arena in 2003 when it was just beginning to enter the common Indian conscience. A commitment for perfection, a passion for excellence and a heart that always looks at social good, resulted in his launching Maverick Fitness Studios (P) Ltd. (India) in 2003.

Krishnaraj as Founder-Managing Director of this 25 crore company, leads Maverick to a new threshold of fitness activity. Maverick Fit Kids is the brain child of Krishnaraj to ‘catch them young’ and inculcate the habit of health and fitness as a life long commitment.

Krishnaraj’s business acumen and his key strength as a strategist guarantee stability and quality in every aspect of Maverick. He has reinvented the entire gymming scenario in India by introducing fitness in the work environment through Maverick Wellness @ Work Corporate gyms. Under his leadership, Maverick operates the corporate wellness center pan India for corporate giants like Cognizant, Tatas, Hexaware, Shell and many more.


Gita Passport

Gita Krishna Raj, is the CEO of Maverick Fitness Studios (India); Program Director of Maverick Literacy (P) Ltd., a Holistic  Lifestyle coach (Level 2), from C.H.E.K institute USA; and India’s first Metabolic Typing Advisor from Health Excel UK.

Gita combines her experiences as a professional classical dancer of over 30 years, a powerful orator transforming lives, a spiritualist published writer, an  inspiring actor, an international award winning director of Television serials, a fitness professional with several international certifications, an educationist with a novel curriculum for children and her business acumen gained as CEO of Maverick Fitness Studios, to present a holistic approach to living life. Her workshops inspire and transform 8 to 80 year olds to take personal responsibility to live life. 

The multi-dimensional expertise she has gathered from her life experiences is the backbone of the Maverick Fit Kids curriculum. Log on to www.gitakrishnaraj.com for more…

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