You don't play a sport to exercise! You EXERCISE to play better! All sports are typically assymetric movements. In order to be efficient, we need to train on both sides - ipsilaterally and contralaterally! Maverick motivates students 'about the physical' to keep them fit and inspires them 'through the physical' contributing to their social, emotional and intellectual dimensions.
Gita Krishna Raj
Gita Krishna Raj
Program Director

Every Maverick Fit Kids session has been designed by

Gita Krishna Raj 

CEO & Program Director of Maverick Fitness Studios & Maverick Literacy

Besides several international fitness & yoga certifications, Gita combines her experiences as a renowned Indian classical dancer, a powerful orator transforming the lives of 8 to 80 year olds, a spiritualist writer with published books, an inspiring actor, an international award winning director of television programs, and her business acumen gained from her professional work at Maverick over a decade to present a holistic approach to living life. With a certificate in Design Thinking from MIT, the multi-dimensional expertise she has gathered from her life experiences is the backbone of the Maverick curriculum.


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